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Coveside WBU Exclusive Three Woodpecker Houses, Pack of 4

Coveside WBU Exclusive Three Woodpecker Houses, Pack of 4

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Give your clients a fantastic way to provide woodpeckers a lasting home in their birding sanctuaries with this 4 Pack of Coveside WBU Exclusive Three Woodpecker Houses. These elusive birds are known for being cavity nesters, and will readily roost in manmade homes, making this pack a fantastic option for your birding patrons. The classic, all pine abode is perfectly sized for red-headed, hairy, or red-bellied woodpeckers, with each unit's deep body and 2.25" diameter entry accommodating all three. Each abode's slate is sourced from old eastern architecture and repurposed from recut slate roofing tiles to guard the entry hole and prevent birds from enlarging it. A downward slanting roof overhangs each home for a dry nest, and extra gaps in the corners of the base facilitate fresh drainage to give these birds a clean living space. One side panel swings upward to let patrons clean the roost with ease, and the natural, yellowish hue and top gaps keep nestlings from overheating. Woodpeckers regularly excavate cavities in decaying trees, and these nest boxes include a generous bag of wood shavings to help patrons better attract these birds while encouraging their natural tendencies. A metal hanger on the back aids in mounting each home, while the roughened interior of the roost aids nestlings in reaching the exit when ready. Help foster the woodpecker harboring efforts of your clientele with these 4 WBU Exclusive Three Woodpecker Houses. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Coveside WBU Exclusive Three Woodpecker Houses.

Opening: 2.25" dia. each
Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7.125"W x 17.5"H each
Mounting: post or wall mount
Construction: pine
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