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Coveside WBU Exclusive Observation Bluebird Houses, 4 Pack

Coveside WBU Exclusive Observation Bluebird Houses, 4 Pack

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Help your customer monitor the nesting behaviors of bluebirds in their yards with this handy 4 Pack of Coveside WBU Exclusive Observation Bluebird Houses. This outstanding, durable collection of dwellings lets your clients consistently check in on bluebirds and their activities without upsetting their comfortable nesting space, allowing them to observe their behaviors. The 0.75" thick, pine frame of each structure provides a durable and staunch home for bluebirds, while the 1.5" diameter, front entry hole of each home gives them ample space for access and egress. A sloping roof overhangs each shelter, with gaps at the top of each side panel ensuring healthy ventilation for feathered friends. One side panel on each home opens easily upward, revealing a plexiglass panel beneath for intuitive, conspicuous observation, giving clients an up close view of the antics within the roost. Drainage gaps at the corners of each base allow water to exit, while a predator guard protects the entry to the home, offering additional comfort and security to avian friends. The rough finish of the pine allows nestlings to gain a steady grip so they can reach the exit when ready to leave the nest, and a back hanger makes placement of each home against a post or wall a simple task for patrons. For an alternative display, your customers may post mount the base of this naturally beautiful, unembellished unit to further enhance their backyard ​décor. Give patrons a comprehensive view of bluebirds and their nesting activities with this 4 Pack of WBU Exclusive Observation Bluebird Houses. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Coveside WBU Exclusive Observation Bluebird Houses.

Opening: 1.5" dia. each
Dimensions: 8.25"L x 5.625"W x 12.5"H each
Mounting: wall, pole, or post mount
Construction: pine
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