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Coveside Conservation

Coveside WBU Exclusive Nuthatch Houses, Pack of 4

Coveside WBU Exclusive Nuthatch Houses, Pack of 4

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Help your customers host acrobatic feathered friends in their bird garden when you offer this wonderful 4 Pack of Coveside WBU Exclusive Nuthatch Houses in your store. This collection of shelters presents an ideal option for your clientele to welcome these short-tailed birds that don't always acclimate to nesting boxes as easily as other feathered friends. Each of these durable and natural pine nest boxes provides an ideal nesting locale for nuthatches in need of housing, with 0.75" thick pine wood providing each dwelling with insulation against cold and heat. A downward sloping roof overhangs these rustic units, guarding the homes from rain and other outdoor elements, with ventilation slots at the top of each home assisting with temperature regulation and air flow for a safe abode. Corner drainage holes on the base panel ensures each nesting area remains comfortable and dry for a clean and safe nest, while the 1.25" diameter entrance hole makes it difficult for predators and various animal threats to access the chamber. The pine boards' rough hewn finish lets hatchlings easily grip the walls when they venture to exit each house, while a latch on each side panel allows you to open the unit for consistent cleanings and nest checks. An untouched finish on each domicile will acquire a weathered look thanks to outdoor elements and repeated use, letting your customers enjoy dynamic housing units that will age to a graceful gray throughout repeated, reliable use. A metal hanger at the top of each piece and predrilled hole near the base present additional placement options, letting your clients place these handsome homes for a lofty showcase in their yard. Offer patrons a generous amount of pristine and robust housing for entertaining birds with this 4 Pack of WBU Exclusive Nuthatch Houses. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Coveside Nuthatch Houses.

Opening: 1.25" dia. each
Dimensions: 8.125"L x 5.75"W x 12.5"H each
Mounting: tree or post mount
Construction: pine
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