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Cotton Candy and Valentine's Birding Bundle

Cotton Candy and Valentine's Birding Bundle

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Create a striking focal point with a whimsical and loving motif in your birding sanctuary with this Cotton Candy and Valentine’s Birding Bundle. Placing this amazing feeder and shelter in your backyard space together helps you attract birds and unify your outdoor ​décor to achieve a locale that brings to mind natural sweetness and love, with the butterfly shaped silhouettes on the Pink Cotton Candy Bird House with Butterflies complementing the heart-shaped medallions decorating the Green Valentine Fly Through Bird Feeder for light and pleasing appeal. The bird house’s soft pink tone will stand out nicely among your existing greenery, and its 1” diameter entrance encourages visits from small birds while deterring larger threats. A 1” long, white perch rests just below the entryway, matching the white butterfly designs, and a pair of hinges on one side of the roof facilitates easy cleaning. The olive green hue of the feeder provides a different embellishment among your outdoor scenery, and the spacious, 7.75” x 6.5” platform beckons a plethora of feathered friends to dine on up to 0.25 quarts of nutritional seed, mealworms, or suet for a convenient treat. The lapped design of the roof adds extra charm to the item, and is supported by four sturdy columns to lend a safe covering to this handy feeding station. A pair of eyelets and metal chain on the feeder, along with the house’s attached fabric loop make it easy to hang this fantastic pair together in the garden, or place the units at separate spots in the yard to create multiple zones of avian activity. Durable wood construction ensures these alluring items remain robust and pristine over repeated use as you give feathered friends multiple reasons to visit your bird haven. Fill your outdoor space with loving vibes while catering to local birds with the Cotton Candy and Valentine’s Birding Bundle.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Cotton Candy Bird House with Butterflies, Pink
Qty 1 Valentine Fly Through Bird Feeder, Green

House Opening: 1" dia.
Feeder Capacity: 0.25 qts., 0.38 lbs.
House Dimensions: 5"W x 4.25"D x 7.125"H
Feeder Dimensions: 8.25"L x 8"W x 12.5"H
Mounting: may be hung
House Construction: wood
Feeder Construction: wood, metal
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