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CareFree Enzymes

CareFree Pond and Fountain Protector, 16 oz. each, 6 Pack

CareFree Pond and Fountain Protector, 16 oz. each, 6 Pack

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Minimize your pond cleaning time so you can enjoy it more by adding this CareFree Pond and Fountain Protector to it. Consisting of safe, natural enzymes from plants, this liquid effectively breaks down organic contaminants and is specifically designed for fast moving water. These enzymes enhance beneficial bacteria naturally found in ponds, eliminating sludge, ammonia, and mineral deposits in your waterscape. They also keep water lines free from organic buildup, ensuring the tubing from your pump or fountain remains clear for maximum water flow. A capful of this product may be mixed with 5 capfuls of water, dispersing it evenly throughout your waterscape, and may be used on a weekly basis for maximum effectiveness. Use this protector in conjunction with a pond builder starter to keep the bacteria and nutrients in your biological filter working well. The non toxic, all natural enzymes are safe for plants, birds, fish, and pets, keeping your waterscape environmentally friendly. Help your existing water features stay clean with these bottles of Pond and Fountain Protector. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 6 bottles of CareFree Pond and Fountain Protector, 16 ounces each.

Bottle Size: 16 oz. each
Water Volume Treated: ~6,400 gallons each
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