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Brome Bird Care

Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeders, Pack of 2

Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeders, Pack of 2

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Turn your backyard into a birding haven while frustrating squirrels with these Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeders. Voted "Best New Product" by the retailers at the Bird Watch America Birding Show in January of 2006, this package contains two remarkable feeders, loaded with features designed to stop squirrels from raiding them. An ingenious, weight sensitive cage surrounds each plastic seed tube, and its spring mechanism is calibrated to four ounces for nuthatches, chickadees, and finches to feed easily. Four seed ports near the base form places for your feathered friends to sit and dine, while the wire shroud provides a wealth of perching spots for woodpeckers or nuthatches. When an animal larger than four ounces places its weight on one of the perches, the cage lowers and the metal shroud closes access to the seed ports. The reservoirs hold up to 1.4 quarts of seed each, which is simple to monitor through the clear plastic of the tubes. A unique seed ventilation system helps air circulate through each reservoir, for fresh and dry feed, and the lids lock into place to keep squirrels from lifting them. The units disassemble without requiring any tools, and a metal cable at the top of each makes hanging simple. The thoughtful design features combine for a fantastic, squirrel proof feeder, while the plastic and metal construction is sure to last through years of use. Prevent squirrels from pilfering bird seed using these Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeders. Limited lifetime warranty.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Brome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeders.

Birds that use these feeders:
  • cardinals, chickadees, finches, goldfinches, grosbeaks, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, starlings, titmice, towhees, woodpeckers, and wrens
Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels, and sunflower seed
Capacity: 1.4 qts., 2.1 lbs.; 4 ports each
Dimensions: 4" dia. x 20"H
Mounting: hang
Construction: metal, plastic
Mfg. Warranty: limited lifetime warranty
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