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BestNest Seasonal Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit

BestNest Seasonal Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit

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Double your enjoyment of seeing native birds in your area with this BestNest Seasonal Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit. This set of two, classic bluebird houses, poles for mounting, and nest lifts is a fantastic gift idea for the birder in your life, as well as a way to help these birds find suitable roosting spots. The familiar shape and innovative design of the BestNest Seasonal Bluebird Houses form durable shelters, meeting many of a bluebird family's needs. The front, 1.5" diameter entry is perfectly sized for these birds, and the roof overhangs it significantly to protect the interior from rain. Slide the included, wooden slat in each house upward and hold it in place with the included pegs at the end of each nesting season, preventing other birds from occupying the shelters. The Songbird Essentials Bluebird Nest Lifts and Blowfly Screens rest on the 5.125" square base of each home easily, creating a platform for nest building and helping keep blowfly larvae away from nestlings. Place the ground sleeves for the two included, Erva Deluxe Birding Poles in soil for a secure installation, and affix the mounting plate to either the back or base of the houses as per your preference. This keeps the shelters at a great height for bluebirds, and the pole's steel construction with black finish remains durable for many seasons. This package is a wonderful addition to any bird sanctuary, remaining usable and lovely for your feathered friends. Offer two bluebird families nesting area in your yard with this Seasonal Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Pack of 2 BestNest Seasonal Bluebird Houses
Qty 2 Erva Deluxe Birding Poles with Ground Sleeves and Mounting Adapters
Qty 2 Songbird Essentials Bluebird Nest Lifts & Blowfly Screens

Opening: 1.5" dia. each
House Dimensions: 9.75"L x 7.5"W x 13"H each
House Mounting: place on included poles
House Construction: wood
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