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BestNest Hummingbird Feeder Accessory Bundle

BestNest Hummingbird Feeder Accessory Bundle

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Display and protect your hummingbird feeders easily with this BestNest Hummingbird Feeder Accessory Bundle. The hangers, moats, and brushes in this package provide you fantastic tools to showcase your feeders and to keep them clean. The 4 BestNest Stainless Steel "S" Hooks each connect handily onto a 1" wide or smaller rod or bracket, and the bottom section supports one of the included Wildlife Accessories Red Trap-It Ant Traps. Fill each of these red, plastic moats with water and hang them above your existing hummingbird feeders. This helps deter ants and other crawling insects, as they are hesitant to cross bodies of water. The red hue matches with many hummingbird feeders, and the metal hooks at the top and base of each make hanging them simple. When time to clean the traps and feeder ports, use the 2 included Wildlife Accessories Hummingbird Feeder Port Brushes. The narrow top and sturdy bristles on these units reach into feeder ports easily, helping clear them of dried nectar and any debris. This aids in keeping the station healthy for your feathered friends. Maintain your hummingbird feeders easily using this Hummingbird Feeder Accessory Bundle. Ant traps and brushes made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 4 Wildlife Accessories Trap-It Ant Trap, Red
Qty 2 Wildlife Accessories Hummingbird Feeder Port Brush
Qty 1 BestNest "S" Hooks, Stainless Steel, 3.5", Pack of 4

Ant Trap Dimensions: 3" dia. x 3.5"H each
Ant Trap Mounting: hang
Ant Trap Construction: plastic, metal
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