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BestNest Going Green Premier Bird Feeder w/ Seed Catch Tray

BestNest Going Green Premier Bird Feeder w/ Seed Catch Tray

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Care for a flock of your backyard birds in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way with this BestNest Going Green Premier Bird Feeder with Seed Catch Tray. These two, recycled plastic units provide a multitude of dining options for birds, and their classic shapes offer a traditional look in your landscaping. Green and brown tones on the Woodlink Going Green Premier Medium Bird Feeder mesh with the outdoors, and its center reservoir handily holds 1.75 quarts of mixed seed. Two clear, plastic side panels make it easy to monitor feed levels, and gaps at the base of these panels enable birds to dine with ease. Install the included BestNest Stainless Steel #8 Screws onto two opposing sides of the feeder's bottom frame, creating hangers for the included Woodlink Recycled Plastic Platform Feeder. Suspending this unit beneath the hopper feeder not only helps capture tossed seed; it also provides more perching spots for birds and can accommodate different types of food for even more avian activity. A perforated metal screen forms the base of this tray, while the green, recycled plastic frame matches the roof of the hopper. Its two attached, plastic cables make hanging the unit easy, and its open design holds suet cakes, dried mealworms, or fruit for versatility. Each piece is simple to clean and refill, and the recycled plastic lumber construction reduces landfill mass. Invite several bird species to dine from this Going Green Premier Bird Feeder with Seed Catch Tray. Feeders made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Woodlink Going Green Premier Medium Bird Feeder
Qty 1 Woodlink Recycled Plastic Platform Bird Feeder
Qty 1 BestNest Stainless Steel #8 Screws, 3/4", Pack of 4

Birds that use these feeders:
  • blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees, crows, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, mockingbirds, nuthatches, orioles, pheasants, quails, redpolls, robins, siskins, sparrows, starlings, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, towhees, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers, and wrens
Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, fruit, mealworms, mixed seed, peanut chunks, peanuts in the shell, safflower seed, suet, sunflower kernels, and sunflower seed
Capacity: 4.15 qts., 6.225 lbs. overall
Hopper Feeder Dimensions: 10.5"L x 9.5"W x 9.75"H
Platform Feeder Dimensions: 12.75"L x 12.75"W x 2.125"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: recycled plastic, metal
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