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BestNest Classic Hanging Wren House

BestNest Classic Hanging Wren House

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Add a fun and safe roost for wrens or chickadees to your garden using the BestNest Classic Hanging Wren House. The traditional lines and diminutive size make this unit a perfect roosting spot for small songbirds. A 1.25" diameter entry hole on the front panel allows wrens or chickadees to enter, while preventing larger birds from accessing the home. The pitched, wooden roof overhangs the entry, protecting it from rain and other precipitation. Its lapped detailing lends added depth and dimension to the piece, furthered by the flat base. This bottom section of wood removes for seasonal cleanouts. The all-wood construction insulates the piece, while its light color keeps it from overheating. Gaps at the top of both the front and back panel ventilate the home with ease for avian comfort. Place this house on a bracket or hook using its attached, plastic coated cable, so the birds may access it easily. Add unique shape and timeless housing to your bird garden at once with this Classic Hanging Wren House.

Note: Due to the natural wood construction, individual homes may vary in appearance in terms of knots, grain, and color. These do not affect the usage or structural integrity of the home and are not considered as defects.

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 6.75"L x 7.375"W x 6"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: wood

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