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BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes w/Bat Magic Repellent Granules

BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes w/Bat Magic Repellent Granules

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Direct bats out of your attic humanely and easily using these BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes with Bat Magic Repellent Granules kit. This package is fantastic for helping you rid your attic or wall void of unwanted bats, without harming them or other wildlife. The two BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes are easy to place against your exterior wall, forming a one way valve. A 12" long, clear plastic sleeve affixed to the end of the 10" PVC tube allows bats to easily fly out of your home. The sleeve collapses onto itself, preventing the animals from flying back in, and the pieces can be removed at the end of the season. Situate the four place packs of Bonide Bat Magic Repellent Granules throughout your attic or beneath your eaves as a further repellent. The granular mixture inside each of these sachets interferes with bats' sensory organs, preventing them from functioning, which encourages them to leave the area and relocate to a more comfortable roosting spot. The all natural spearmint and peppermint oils within the place packs create a pleasant scent in the area, and one pack is usually effective for 150 square feet. Help keep your home free of bats naturally using these Bat Exclusion Tubes with Bat Magic Repellent Granules.

Kit Contents:
Qty 2 BestNest Bat Exclusion Tubes
Qty 1 Bonide Bat Magic Repellent Granules, Pack of 4

Exclusion Tube Dimensions: 2" I.D. x ~10"L PVC pipe
Exclusion Tube Mounting: attach to building
Exclusion Tube Construction: PVC, plastic
Bat Magic Active Ingredients: Peppermint oil: 2%
Spearmint oil: 2%
Bat Magic Inert Ingredients: Fuller's earth or corn cobs: 96%
Bat Magic Package Contents: four 0.5 oz. place packs
Bat Magic Method of Application: place where needed
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