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Prime Retreat

Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Package by Prime Retreat

Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Package by Prime Retreat

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Create multiple safe and lofty sanctuaries to fit the needs of eastern bluebirds with this fantastic Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Package by Prime Retreat. This comprehensive package gives you 3 natural and appealing roosting boxes, as well as a handy post mounting adapter and nest lift to go with each, providing you all the protection and elevation you need for a fantastic and extensive bluebird haven. The included Coveside Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Boxes are designed to meet the specific needs of this bird variety, and their 0.75" thick, eastern white pine construction provides a durable and naturally sourced option for your backyard that will prevent nestlings from overheating. The rough interior finish of the pine gives fledglings a foothold when maneuvering through the nests, and the ample interior space encourages the use of the included Classic Bluebird House Nest Lifts to protect nests from parasites. These 3 convenient lifts elevate the nest off the base of the dwelling to keep birds from harmful blowfly larvae, while also leaving ample space for draining water and debris to run away from the individual roosts. A slanted, overhanging roof covers each nest to redirect water, and gaps along each side panel cut down on excess heat while encouraging air flow. For a clear and convenient display, use the included S&K "T" Post Mounting Adapters to showcase your nest boxes; these sturdy, steel plates help you set up the bird houses on your existing "T" posts for a staunch display. Each plate's bottom features three holes that attach to the back of an abode, and a top opening on each unit allows you to slide the hardy, steel piece over the post for easy security. For extra help, a fabulous wooden block protects the 1.5" diameter entry hole of every bird house from unwanted predators, while one side on each shelter opens easily for observation and seasonal cleanouts. This generous package allows you to establish a bustling birding locale in your backyard, situating the abodes and their accessories all in one spot or throughout the yard for multiple areas of focus. Set up an amazing, expansive, and versatile eastern bluebird station in your own bird garden with the Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Package. Made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 3 Coveside Basic Eastern Bluebird Trail Boxes
Qty 3 Classic Bluebird House Nest Lifts by Prime Retreat
Qty 3 S&K "T" Post Mounting Adapters

Opening: 1.5" dia.
House Dimensions: 8.25"L x 5.75"W x 12.5"H each
House Mounting: T post mount with included adapters
House Construction: pine
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