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Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, Pack of 3

Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, Pack of 3

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Discourage squirrels from marauding throughout your bird garden with these Audubon Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles. These 3 generous, steel baffles each create a physical barrier on your garden poles, handily protecting your items from climbing squirrels. The convenient design of these units enables them to be placed onto your pole or shepherd hook after its installation, and the included coupler helps each mount onto a 0.5" to 1.375" outer diameter pole. Textured, black powder coating provides plenty of durability, furthered by the sturdy, steel construction. Deter squirrels and other animals from reaching your pole mounted bird feeders and houses with these Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles.

Note: This case pack contains 3 of the Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, 17.375" dia. each.

Dimensions: 17.375" dia. x 7.5"H each
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel
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