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Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, Pack of 2

Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, Pack of 2

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Deter squirrels from reaching your pole mounted bird feeders with these helpful Audubon Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles. The innovative design of these 2 units allows you to attach them to poles or hangers after the supports have been installed into the ground, rather than before placing the birding item. A groove and tab on the center split of each interlock to form a generous, 17.375" diameter barrier, and the steel construction remains durable for seasons of service. A black, powder coated finish protects these units from the elements, and the coupler is designed for use on poles from 0.5" to 1.375" in outer diameter. Discourage squirrels from reaching your hanging or pole mounted birding items with these Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, 17.375" dia. each.

Dimensions: 17.375" dia. x 7.5"H each
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel
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