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Audubon Woodpecker Houses, Pack of 2

Audubon Woodpecker Houses, Pack of 2

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Provide woodpeckers safe shelter in your bird garden using this 2 Pack of Audubon Woodpecker Houses.

  • Each cedar home mimics cavities found in nature, giving familiar shelter to woodpeckers.
  • A significant bag of wood shavings is included with each home, letting birds excavate the area like they would a real tree.
  • 2.25" diameter entrance hole is ideally sized for woodpeckers, letting them access each box with ease.
  • A pair of ventilation holes at the top of each house helps regulate the internal temperature.
  • A sloping roof directs water away from each home, keeping the interior dry and comfortable.
  • Small gaps in the corners of each abode's base allow ample drainage.
  • Front panel lifts easily for checking and maintaining each nest box, and a metal latch keeps the front panel closed.
  • Cedar construction gives you a pair of lasting shelters that will resist rot and moisture.
  • Flat back of each shelter can be easily mounted to a post, wall, or tree for a lovely display.
  • Made in the USA.
Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Audubon Woodpecker Houses. The brand on the items may appear either as Audubon or Woodlink.

Opening: 2.25" dia. each
Dimensions: 9"L x 7"W x 15.25"H each
Mounting: post or wall mount
Construction: cedar
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