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Ancient Graffiti Inc

Ancient Graffiti Eight Stone Cairns, 14"H, Pack of 2

Ancient Graffiti Eight Stone Cairns, 14"H, Pack of 2

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Bring a timeless element to your garden design using these Ancient Graffiti Eight Stone Cairns. Organized stacks of stones, called cairns, have been used since prehistoric times to create a memorial, defend an area, or even mark a trail, and this set of 2 matching sculptures allows you to further this pastime in your yard. Eight differently sized river rocks stack atop one another, forming each accent, and a metal rod inconspicuously placed through each stone offers stability. A domed top on each bottom most rock supports a vertically oriented stone, which then has a series of flat rocks horizontally atop it for a slightly precarious and spellbinding look. The flat base of the lowest stone makes it easy to place each item on a level surface in your yard, and the varied gray, tan, and pink tones mesh with a multitude of settings. Mark 2 sections of your yard in a timeless and beautiful way using these Eight Stone Cairns.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Ancient Graffiti Eight Stone Cairns, 14"H each. As these units are crafted from natural materials, items may vary in terms of finish and size.

Dimensions: ~7.5"L x 3.5"W x 14"H each
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: stone, metal
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