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Achla Contemporary Spark Guard and Hearth Rug Package

Achla Contemporary Spark Guard and Hearth Rug Package

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Instill your hearth area with refined beauty and appeal using this Achla Contemporary Spark Guard and Hearth Rug Package. Place the sleek and distinct Achla Graphite Contemporary Spark Guard in front of your fireplace so it can block any errant sparks from the fire from landing on the included Achla Vermillion Jardin Rectangular Rug. With a generous 44” width and 33” height along with angled side panels, the spark guard will protect your rug and surrounding area from unwanted embers as you enjoy the flame in peace. A handy pair of attached handles helps you easily lift the spark guard and place it according to your fireside needs, and its durable, wrought iron construction offers reliable and repeated use. This graphite tone contrasts the vivid rug’s red and orange hues, which evoke your simmering fire and add a splash of elegant color, and this wool piece features a floral medallion in its center with additional tulip and carnation shapes for visual interest. Beige coloration and extra flowers adorn the rug’s outside border to complete the charming fireside motif. Safely and comfortably relax in front of your cozy fire with this Graphite Contemporary Spark Guard and Vermillion Hearth Rug Package.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Achla Contemporary Spark Guard, Graphite
Qty 1 Achla Jardin Rectangular Rug, Vermillion

Spark Guard Dimensions: 44"W x 7"D x 33"H overall
Rug Dimensions: 43.5"L x 22.375"W x 0.5"H
Mounting: place on flat surface
Spark Guard Construction: wrought iron
Rug Construction: wool
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