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Rome Original Big Bowl Popcorn Poppers, Pack of 2

Rome Original Big Bowl Popcorn Poppers, Pack of 2

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Bring family and friends together by the fire for a classic, American snack with this set of Rome Original Big Bowl Popcorn Poppers. This trusty pair of steel poppers are perfect for treating the whole family to a delectable and classic treat during any camping or outdoor excursion. Each popper's black bowl sports a sleek, baked enamel finish to go along with a convenient, wooden handle, creating a pair of practical and fun cooking utensils for your fireplace or the great outdoors. With a ball-shaped design and 8" diameter bowl, you may easily pop up to 3 quarts of delicious popcorn at one time, ideal for cozy snacks around the campground, and each item's sizable, 19" long wooden handle tapers as it meets a sturdy, steel rod, letting children and adults cook their tasty snack without standing too close to the flame. A reliable, handy leather strap is attached to the top of each unit's handle to let you stow these amazing tools away when not in use. This outstanding package of durable camping cookware is a great way to bring family members of all ages together around the fireplace or on travels with loved ones, as you get to feast on this timeless treat with minimal effort. The set is well-suited for fire pits, hearths, and campfires; they should not be used over stovetops. For a buttery delicacy, just pour 1 tablespoon of canola oil in the bottom portion of each popper bowl, heat over the fire for a minute, then add kernels to create this fantastic refreshment. Create joy and fireside cheer for the whole family with this pack of 2 Original Big Bowl Popcorn Poppers.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Rome Original Big Bowl Popcorn Poppers.

Dimensions: 8" dia. x 6"H bowl, 19" long handle each
Construction: steel, wood
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