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Prime Retreat

Bunny Barricades with Hot Pepper Wax Repellent Spray Package

Bunny Barricades with Hot Pepper Wax Repellent Spray Package

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Provide a comprehensive plan for protection against rabbits and various pest behavior with this handy Bunny Barricades with Hot Pepper Wax Repellent Spray Package by Prime Retreat. These safe and convenient items give you a lasting means for safeguarding your garden growth from pests, letting you establish a bustling and vibrant garden you can enjoy for many seasons. Place the included 10 pack of Erva Bunny Barricades around your tulips, roses, or lettuce to create a staunch barrier to rabbits, preventing them from spoiling your blossoming plants. Strong metal construction and vinyl coating protect each barricade from outdoor elements, and a hook closure lets you wrap each unit around a plant up to 12" in perimeter. Add extra protection to your growing efforts with the included Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent Spray, a convenient formula utilizing capsaicin, an active component in chili peppers, to naturally deter irksome animals. The concoction may be easily applied to flowers, plants, and garden accessories with its classic spray nozzle, while application to wooden structures discourages animal chewing for further protection. Repeat spraying of the formula every few weeks for best results, and for added versatility, connect two or more of the barricades together to surround larger plants, while the included metal anchors make it simple to secure each unit directly into your garden soil. Set up a station for your crops and growth to thrive and keep animal pest behavior from disrupting your garden plans with this outstanding Bunny Barricades with Hot Pepper Wax Repellent Spray Package. Barricades made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Erva Bunny Barricades, Pack of 10
Qty 1 Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent, RTU, 32 oz.

Bunny Barricade Dimensions: 13" dia. x 13.5"H each
Bunny Barricade Mounting: place on ground
Bunny Barricade Construction: metal
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